Meadowlark’s magical harp-like fingerstyle guitar and effervescent flutes capture the essence of beautiful, natural places! 

The skillful combination of a single guitar and solo flute creates music that is both intimate and grand that floats gently, following the land and dances like a butterfly in the breeze. This is Meadowlark – captivating, organic music that is as distinctive in sound as it is diverse in scope. 

This intriguing husband and wife duo began their musical journey together in 1993, playing Celtic music in a small café in a beautiful pecan orchard, and soon evolved into creating their own music inspired by the natural settings they were drawn to.  Choosing the name Meadowlark they became known for their performances of instrumental compositions inspired by the desert southwest region, including “Creek Spirit”, written about Trombetta’s experience in the canyons of Sedona, where she spent her childhood summers, playing her flute from high and allowing the sounds to waft down through Oak Creek. 

When you listen to Meadowlark, you’ll discover why being in tune with nature is no cliché for these two thought-provoking instrumentalists! 

Original compositions showcase Cyge’s amazing range and deep musicality as both a composer and guitarist as the harp-like sound of his fingerstyle guitar technique intertwines with the pure, melodic tones of Trombetta’s flutes and Irish whistles. Meadowlark’s performance slips effortlessly from melodic tapestries to crisp and exciting up-tempo offerings that catch the ear and command attention.  

Meadowlark’s Discography includes eight CD releases that have garnered reviews in international magazines and international airplay. Two releases charted in the Top 100 Radio Play list by New Age Voice. Their “Fire on the Mountain” CD, a benefit project generously underwritten by Salt River Project was released to raise funds for Trees for the Rim, a reforestation project for areas damaged in the Rodeo-Chedeski fire.