When you listen to the intriguing duo, Meadowlark, you’ll discover why being in tune with nature is no cliché for these two thought-provoking instrumentalists!  The magical mixture of Rick Cyge’s harp-like fingerstyle guitar and Lynn Trombetta’s flutes and pennywhistles creates an uplifting instrumental voyage inspired by the beauty of natural places. 

Riding between worlds, these seasoned story-weavers draw listeners in to experience the places and times that served as inspiration for their unique compositions: A hovering hawk takes flight through string-tapping on Rick Cyge’s prized Lowden guitar; ocean surf resonates in the warm and mellow tones of Lynn Trombetta’s flute. Along the way, Meadowlark seems to change character in “chameleon-like” fashion from song to song, melding influences as diverse as Celtic, African, and Mediterranean in their original compositions. 

Meadowlark’s repertoire includes instrumental compositions inspired by Sedona and the desert southwest region, including “Creek Spirit”, written about Trombetta’s experience in the canyons of Sedona, where she spent her childhood summers, playing her flute from high and allowing the sounds to waft down through Oak Creek. Concert performances may also include mandolin, violin (Allen Ames) and world percussion, (Step Raptis). 

Meadowlark’s Discography includes eight releases that have garnered reviews in international magazines and international airplay. Two releases have charted in the Top 100 Radio Play list by New Age Voice. Their “Fire on the Mountain” CD, a benefit project generously underwritten by Salt River Project was released to raise funds for Trees for the Rim, a reforestation project for areas damaged in the 2002 Rodeo-Chedeski fire. Cyge’s original compositions, performed by Meadowlark, have been used for films including a fundraising film by Audubon Arizona for the Audubon Nature Center in the Salt River Preserve. 

It’s no surprise to learn that Meadowlark’s influences include some of the most talented writers and arrangers in contemporary music, including Nightnoise, Tingstad & Rumbel, Montreux, James Taylor and Algerian-born French guitarist Pierre Bensusan. “Listening to Pierre and what he got out of that guitar in open tuning opened up a new world for me,” Rick says, “and I’ve not been the same since.” 

Listen to the music of Meadowlark and you’ll know the feeling. 



This intriguing husband and wife duo began their musical journey together in 1993, playing Celtic music in a small café in a beautiful pecan orchard, and soon evolved into creating their own music inspired by the natural settings they were drawn to.  Choosing the name Meadowlark they became known for their performances of instrumental compositions inspired by the desert southwest region, including “Creek Spirit”, written about Trombetta’s experience in the canyons of Sedona, where she spent her childhood summers, playing her flute from high and allowing the sounds to waft down through Oak Creek. 

Guitarist Cyge’s folk roots run deep and his “harp-like” fingerstyle guitar work wraps around the music like a warm comforter. His New England folk beginnings as a singer/composer/guitarist were enhanced by his being founder of Wood & Strings Music Center, a hub of concerts, music instruction and fine instruments in the Boston scene. In 1989 his travels brought him to the deserts of Arizona, where he makes his home with wife and partner, Trombetta, an Arizona native who is also a wildlife artist and published author.  They moved to Sedona in 2009 and happily reside in a home that is nestled in nature and sits at the bend of the creek. 

Meadowlark, the duo, added violinist Allen Ames to the mix in 1994 when the group’s first CD, “Dance of the Sandpiper” was being recorded. Cyge recalls, “I’d heard Allen on a recording with William Eaton and had contacted William for his contact information for a ‘gypsy – flavored’ song we were including. Allen walked into the session with the score I’d given him, closed his eyes, let his head tilt back, and produced the most amazing violin lines you could have imagined! It was ‘love at the first note’ and Allen was so moved by the composition that the agreement was instantly bonded that he would be part of the ensemble going forward.” 

Watch for Meadowlark’s Celtic alter ego “Ally & The Boys” performing spirited jigs and reels and soulful airs at pubs and festivals with violinist Allen Ames. 

Meadowlark performs concerts, house concerts, fundraisers, festivals, weddings, private and corporate events, and offers residencies and workshops on the creative process. 

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