Cyge & Seymour met through a project launched by Cyge at Studio Live, “Theme Nights” where musicians from the local community come together to collaborate on a central theme to produce a night of music. The first of these was a Beatles Night. When Cyge & Seymour first tried their hand at combining their sound on a few Lennon-McCartney classics, they instantly recognized the synergy created by their pairing and decided not long after, to pursue developing that sound into what has now become Seymour & Cyge.   

Their repertoire stretches from what they like to call “Baby Boomer Classics”, to folk, country, pop, blues, and even Celtic. The common thread that runs through all their music is the chemistry they consistently create with the combination of their voices, guitars and Cyge’s mandolin thrown in for spice. The banter between them keeps audiences entertained and the music is always engaging.   

If you enjoy Simon & Garfunkel and the Everly Brothers, you’re sure to enjoy Seymour & Cyge!

What do Simon & Garfunkel, The Everly Brothers, Seals & Crofts, Loggins & Messina and Chad & Jeremy all have in common? 

There were all dynamic pairings of two musicians who, together created a signature sound that was instantly recognizable. Chris Seymour and Rick Cyge have that same kind of chemistry they create when they combine their unique individual talents that contrast and compliment one another into a single collaborative sound, Seymour & Cyge. Each of these artists brings a depth of experience and distinctive style to the mix. They released their debut CD, “Are You Happy Now?” in 2012. 

Rick Cyge, a seasoned performer with over 45 years on stage and a veteran of the Boston-area folk and acoustic music scene of the 1970s and 80s, performed as a solo singer/guitarist in that vibrant scene and honed his skills as not only a top-notch and well respected guitarist, performer and composer, but also became a highly sought after side man whose talents enhanced the sounds of those he accompanied both live and in the studio. After moving to Arizona in the late 80s, he met and teamed up with flutist Lynn Trombetta and, together, they formed a duo, Meadowlark and quickly established themselves as a unique instrumental ensemble performing and recording their original compositions infused with Celtic, African, and other diverse cultural influences that reflected the natural beauty of the region for the shores of the California coastline to the canyons of Sedona. Meadowlark continues to perform around the region and has developed a loyal following. 

Chris Seymour has become a fixture in the Sedona music scene with his stint in the Oak Creek Boys, a country band that covers contemporary and traditional country classics, The Heavenly J’s (as John Denver and Johnny Cash) and The Rifftors, a 50s tribute band where both Seymour and Cyge are featured artists. In addition, Seymour has produced several Theme Night concerts at Studio Live. Seymour brings humor and a palpable love for all types of acoustic and folk music to his performance.